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Everyone has a unique story to tell about how they got from college to career.

Read success stories from professionals who embarked on careers they loved, and discover the twists and turns they encountered along the way.

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93% employers think that communication and critical thinking skills more important than one's major
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Bio photo for Emily Judas

Emily Judas

Occupational Therapist
I work as an OT in an orthopedic outpatient clinic. I treat patients with injury or pain throughout the upper [...]
Bio photo for Abby Mallek Karch

Abby Mallek Karch

Physician Assistant
I am a Physician Assistant in Urgent Care in a rural town in Northern Wisconsin. I have been in my [...]
Bio photo for Vicky Romanski

Vicky Romanski

Nurse Practitioner
After obtaining my undergraduate degree I worked as an intensive care nurse for several years. I continued working while obtaining [...]
Bio photo for Katherine Holtz PE

Katherine Holtz PE

Design Build Program Manager
I standardize process and procedures across our $25 billion dollar program. We put together mega highway projects, procure developers to [...]
Bio photo for Angie Beasley

Angie Beasley

Software Engineer
I write software for submarine and surface ship sonar systems. I create GUIs that are used by Navy sonar operators [...]
Bio photo for Elizabeth Spheeris

Elizabeth Spheeris

Gallery Manager
As the gallery manager, I do everything from accounting to installing artwork. I ship and receive artwork; correspond with artists [...]
Bio photo for Ian Noble

Ian Noble

I currently serve as the Director of Operations at Rick's Cleaners in Austin with 15 locations. I strive to continuously [...]
Bio photo for Wu Zheng

Wu Zheng

PhD Student/Software Development Manager
At IBM, I manage software development and software engineers. I work with executives and other teams on my project, such [...]
Bio photo for Daniel Herrmann

Daniel Herrmann

MBA Intern
Develop and implement a program that changes how Dell approaches services.
Bio photo for CG Ginsberg

CG Ginsberg

VP - Public Television
Manage the operational work for program content for public television.
Bio photo for Chris Beck

Chris Beck

Associate Vice President - External Relations
I am involved in all aspects of fundraising strategy and non-profit management including major donor strategy, cultivation and solicitation, corporate [...]
Bio photo for Jeff Hallock

Jeff Hallock

Academic Advising Coordinator
On a daily basis I work with college students, university administrators, faculty and other staff. Most of my job entails [...]
Bio photo for Darold Anderson

Darold Anderson

IT Manager
I oversee the Systems Management staff for the following disciplines globally: Patch Management Software Distribution and Inventory PC Security PC [...]
Bio photo for Rob Hutton

Rob Hutton

President - Central TX Division
I oversee all land development and home building operations (marketing, sales, advertising, balance sheet and P&L managment,product design, construction, land [...]
Bio photo for Dr. Brian Clark

Dr. Brian Clark

I help people live healthy and happy lives through chiropractic care. It involves working one on one with people's unique [...]
Bio photo for David Jacobstein

David Jacobstein

Senior Program Manager
Build the skills of civic organizations overseas to contribute to better development.
Bio photo for Joleen Kinzer

Joleen Kinzer

Statewide Orientation and Mobility Consultant
Orientation and Mobility (O&M) is a unique profession and not very well known! O&M instructors teach blind individuals how to [...]
Bio photo for Corey Holton

Corey Holton

Head Coach
I oversee all aspects of an NCAA Division III Women's Soccer Program, including but not limited to budgeting, recruiting, day [...]
Bio photo for Rob Brooks

Rob Brooks

Senior Software Developer
I write web applications through various contracts with entities across the UT campus, so I work on multiple projects at [...]
Bio photo for Glenda Sims

Glenda Sims

Senior Systems Analyst
Digital Alchemist - Team Leadership, Project Management, Usability, Accessibility, Web Standards, Mobile and Museum Technology Consulting.
Bio photo for Cheryl Fuller

Cheryl Fuller

IT Manager for Faculty Information
I started out by learning to program and develop administrative software applications. Now I am managing others who are designing [...]
Bio photo for Sara Hernando

Sara Hernando

Legal Assistant
In my position, I assist the attorneys with anything they may need.
Bio photo for Jason Craft

Jason Craft

Web Technologies Manager
I work in the central information technology group at UT, where I lead the team that is responsible for the [...]
Bio photo for Nicholas M. Vaughan

Nicholas M. Vaughan

Marketing Manager
I represent the Research and Development department of Nestle Purina. In my position I utilize my background knowledge as a [...]
Bio photo for Brian Haley

Brian Haley

Finance Director
I manage fundraising activities for Senator McCain's leadership PAC and his U.S. Senate reelection campaign. Previously, I worked on the [...]
Bio photo for Gerardo A. Interiano

Gerardo A. Interiano

Legislative Director and Counsel
As Legislative Director and Counsel to Congressman Lamar Smith, I oversee his legislative priorities and serve as a liaison between [...]
Bio photo for Pedro Caetano

Pedro Caetano

Instructor Navigator, Chief of Safety
Navigation Instructor, Chief of Safety, C-130 Navigator. My responsibilities include the daily management and leadership of a flight of 3 [...]
Bio photo for Joah Spearman

Joah Spearman

Small Business Owner
I work in retail, marketing, and social media impresario. I'm also a writer and will soon release a book, "Indisputable [...]
Bio photo for Doug Duke

Doug Duke

Assistant Director of Development
Solicit University friends, alumni, and donors for scholarship and endowment funds.
Bio photo for Ignacio F Mata

Ignacio F Mata

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow
I am currently working as a researcher studying the genetics of Parkinson's Disease.
Bio photo for Christie Mitchell

Christie Mitchell

Forensic Toxicologist
I analyze blood and other biological specimens for the presence of drugs and alcohol in drug driving cases and post [...]
Bio photo for Brandon Chicotsky

Brandon Chicotsky

Founder and Managing Principal - Texas Ventures empowers young enterprise by offering a supportive entrepreneur network, business-plan validation, mentor network and investor relationships [...]
Bio photo for Tony Baldwin

Tony Baldwin

Sports Information Director
Sports Information Director (SID) is a job that is charged with promoting the athletics department. My job at CTX includes [...]
Bio photo for Lisa Henken-Ramirez

Lisa Henken-Ramirez

Vice President for Customer Experience
I've had an interesting career path. I started in business consulting after college, focused on Change Management. In consulting I [...]
Bio photo for Jonathan  Sprinkles

Jonathan Sprinkles

Motivational Speaker
Some people tell me I'm a motivational speaker. I travel the world, speaking to audiences about achievement strategies they can [...]
Bio photo for Hogan Carter

Hogan Carter

Internet TV Producer
I produce and engineer Internet TV broadcasts, including red carpet events, live shows, and video on demand.
Bio photo for Megan Van Cleave

Megan Van Cleave

Head Athletic Trainer
I provide the medical care for all of the student athletes at Concordia University Texas.
Bio photo for Brent Youngblood

Brent Youngblood

Assistant Coach
I am a men's college basketball coach. I coach, recruit and tutor approximately 20 college athletes. I travel across the [...]
Bio photo for Stan Bonewitz

Stan Bonewitz

Coach/ Associate Athletic Director
There are two areas of focus in my current position as Head Men's Basketball Coach and Associate Athletic Director for [...]
Bio photo for Emily Gerson

Emily Gerson

Marketing and Communications Manager
I write and edit all of the marketing and PR copy for the brand. This includes blog posts, promotional [...]
Bio photo for Josh  Rabinowitz

Josh Rabinowitz

Director of Business Development
I have co-founded and work for a medical device start-up company. We have four people working in this company, but [...]
Bio photo for David J. Neff

David J. Neff

I help Non Profits and people for a living. I do that as a full-time Author and Consultant, at HelpAttack [...]
Bio photo for Robin Schuler

Robin Schuler

Marketing Sales Coordinator
I am responsible for all marketing and advertising initiatives for a growing urgent care practice in Austin. It is my [...]
Bio photo for Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Technical Support Engineer
As a member of the Network Events Management Center, I am responsible for coordinating customer-impacting events on the Qwest Networks [...]
Bio photo for Jan Gunter

Jan Gunter

Communications Manager
I manage the RMHC Austin website, email marketing and communications, social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) traditional media, PR and [...]
Bio photo for Ann Jerome

Ann Jerome

Chief Development Officer
As the chief fundraiser for the local Chapter of RMHC, I am involved in a variety of activites that create [...]
Bio photo for Jessica Escobar

Jessica Escobar

Assistant General Counsel
Since I work in General Counsel (as opposed to a specific division of the agency), I get to work with [...]
Bio photo for Katrina Tolentino

Katrina Tolentino

Marketing Manager
My title is Marketing Manager, but what that really means is my job is to grow the company. I'm responsible [...]
Bio photo for Jennifer Waisath Harris

Jennifer Waisath Harris

Small Business Owner
At JWH Communications, I provide strategic communications, social media and public affairs services to a wide range of clients and [...]
Bio photo for LaRisa Sergent

LaRisa Sergent

Product Support Engineer
Engineers in all types of disciplines use National Instruments (NI) software products to write their own programs for test [...]
Bio photo for Sally Bergom

Sally Bergom

Filmmaker / Screenwriter
I write, make, produce, and edit films. Comedy shorts, full-length docs, you name it.
Bio photo for Melissa Roach

Melissa Roach

Public Health Researcher
I am a Research Associate (faculty) at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. For the past year I have [...]
Bio photo for Jan Schreur

Jan Schreur

Marketing Associate
I work on the sites for the Netherlands and Belgium. This is a very varied job that includes anything [...]
Bio photo for Erica Steinitz

Erica Steinitz

Founding Kindergarten Teacher
I teach traditionally under-served and at-risk students in a kindergarten classroom. The students are at a dual language school where [...]
Bio photo for Dane Jensen

Dane Jensen

Web Developer
Here's a typical day: I wake up around 9:00 a.m. without an alarm clock. One of the perks of my [...]
Bio photo for James Tommey

James Tommey

I am a self-employed bass player who is hired by bands, solo artists, and producers to play with them. I [...]
Bio photo for Jennielle Strother

Jennielle Strother

Executive Director of Enrollment Management
Establish plans for enrollment management in all program areas to meet goals set by the board and the dean. Identify [...]
Bio photo for Mr. Kevin White

Mr. Kevin White

Coordinator of Campus Ministry
The Coordinator of Campus Ministry is a lay ministry position in youth ministry. This position plans for and executes the [...]
Bio photo for Kathryn Lindsey

Kathryn Lindsey

Senior Editor
I'm an editor for a press release wire service. What's that, you ask? Our company distributes press releases for companies [...]
Bio photo for Dr. Paul Navratil

Dr. Paul Navratil

Manager - Scalable Visualization Technologies
I conduct my own research into scientific visualization algorithms and applications (like the weather report, but with different data) and [...]
Bio photo for Courtney  Manuel

Courtney Manuel

Assistant Director for Development
I raise money for the School of Undergraduates Studies at the University of Texas to enhance programs and provide scholarship [...]
Bio photo for Kathryn Shults

Kathryn Shults

Senior Mixed Signal Product Test Engineer
I am responsible for designing and implementing software and hardware interfaces used to test the performance and functionality of mixed-signal [...]
Bio photo for Mike Duffy

Mike Duffy

Associate Producer, Nancy Grace Show
I am a television producer for a national broadcast show on CNN/HLN. My daily duties include a wide array of [...]
Bio photo for Stephen Delgado, P.E.

Stephen Delgado, P.E.

Owner, Texas Engineering Solutions
I'm the majority owner at a local civil engineering consulting firm, Texas Engineering Solutions, LLC. TES specializes in land development [...]
Bio photo for Jacqueline LaVanway

Jacqueline LaVanway

Associate Producer/Marketing
I work alongside the executive producer and artistic director to seek out potential projects, cultivate relationships with both established and [...]
Bio photo for Ms. Keri Burchard-Juarez

Ms. Keri Burchard-Juarez

Assistant Director
I oversee the Capital Project Delivery Section of the City of Austin Public Works Department. My divisions include Project Management [...]
Bio photo for Palmer Wright

Palmer Wright

Registered Dietitian/Speech Language Pathologist
I assess nutritional risks and nutritional status. Some of these markers might involve things like dietary intake or looking at [...]
Bio photo for Dr. Rebecca Weingarten

Dr. Rebecca Weingarten

Staff Scientist
I am a microbiologist at the Clinical Center at NIH. I spend most of my day at the lab bench [...]
Bio photo for Alexis Clark

Alexis Clark

Structural Field Engineer
As a Structural Field Engineer for Hilti, I bridge the gap between a highly technical background and business understanding - [...]
Bio photo for Ms. Julie Fogarty

Ms. Julie Fogarty

NSF Graduate Research Fellow
I am a graduate student at Stanford University. This means I spend 85% of my time doing academic research and [...]
Bio photo for Deanna Stanley

Deanna Stanley

Configuration Management Lead
I control and manage all the elements that go into a software release - the who, what, when, where, and [...]