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David J. Neff

Bio photo of David J. Neff

Author/Consultant @ The Future of Nonprofits/Wiley

I help Non Profits and people for a living. I do that as a full-time Author and Consultant, at HelpAttack! and Lights. Camera. Help. I would say that I am a Teacher, Speaker, Blogger, Network Weaver, and Social Media Scientist. To pay the bills and have more of them I am the founder of my own non profit called Lights. Camera. Help. (LCH).

How I Got Here

Undergraduate Degree(s): Public Relations
Favorite class(es): PR Classes and RTF Classes
Moving from college to career:

For over 9 years I worked at the American Cancer Society (ACS) where I directed all Web and Interactive strategies and online properties for 6 states. At ACS, my department managed the Division's eRevenue strategy, Social Networking/Media strategy, Online Community strategy, Film and PSA Production, and all online properties for the High Plains Division.

Career influences:

My main career influence would be my mentors at the University of Texas. People like David Junker, Ron Anderson and Meme Drumwright.

The Ups and Downs


Long flexible hours, lots of travel, meeting hundreds of new people a month, taking your dogs to work, working from home, and a lot of volunteering for causes I love. I'll let you sort out the pros and cons.



Make your own path and good things will follow.

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