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Jan Schreur

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Marketing Associate @

I work on the sites for the Netherlands and Belgium. This is a very varied job that includes anything from product quality improvement, translation, performance and data analysis, marketing, customer support, etc. Every day I'd be working on something different; and there is a lot of freedom to manage my time and make decisions about my sites.

How I Got Here

Undergraduate Degree(s): Mathematics
Favorite class(es): Mathematics: Real Analysis
Changing majors:

I was pretty indecisive in college. I loved math coming in, so I started as a Math major (with Computer Science minor). Through taking some general requirements, I really started to enjoy Economics, so took a bunch of classes there. The same thing happened with theology (going to a Christian college, we were required to take some theology classes). In fact, I was so indecisive (couldn't bear to give up majors) and enjoyed so many different departments, I ended up taking so many classes in those areas I ended up with multiple majors.

Moving from college to career:

I just graduated from college and never expected to be moving to Texas for a job; but a couple of months of unemployment and internship after graduation I was ready to get a real job, and this was it. Almost 8 months later I still love it. I'd love to keep working for Indeed. That being said, I have no idea what type of work I'll be doing ten years from now, but I don't need to. With the experience I'm getting now and all the things and skills I've learned in college, I'm sure I'll be ready for a whole range of different opportunities and career areas in the future.

Career influences:

Having grown up overseas, I've always wanted my work to be internationally involved and to be able to work with others that also have the same kind of international focus and background. This job also involves a lot of creative thinking and analysis, things I'd really enjoyed in college.

The Ups and Downs


This job is awesome. It is long hours (albeit self-inflicted), but there's no travel, only Monday through Friday, I can come in real early or not until 10, etc. Like all good tech start-ups, there are a lot of goodies - drinks, food, catered meals, parties, a game room, etc. Additionally, I get to work with a bunch of smart, motivated, and awesome people every day in a very collaborative environment.



More important than all the information you learn in college (which will be a lot) is that you're learning how to think. College taught me how to process and analyze a vast and diverse amount of information and to then communicate about that information in a clear way, both in written and verbal form.

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