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Robin Schuler

Bio photo of Robin Schuler

Marketing Sales Coordinator @ Texas MedClinic

I am responsible for all marketing and advertising initiatives for a growing urgent care practice in Austin. It is my job to make sure the public and employers know about the services Texas MedClinic offers. I manage all advertising including print, sponsorships, out of home, events, direct mail and social media. I also contact prospective and established employers to market the services we offer to businesses.

How I Got Here

Undergraduate Degree(s): Advertising
Moving from college to career:

I interned at GSD&M for 2 years as a student. I was hired on full time after graduation and continued working in the new biz department. After a couple of years I decided I would prefer the client side and went to work in marketing for a small medical equipment company. I have used my advertising skills in all positions, but my current role is not all advertising based.

Career influences:

I've always been interested in medicine, but didn't want to be a doctor. Working in medical marketing was the perfect solution!

The Ups and Downs



  • Being challenged by new responsibilities and different tasks day to day
  • Seeing my ads in local publications and online
  • Making decisions and being accountable for marketing plan for Austin area
  • Learning something new every day
  • Meeting lots of great clients and advertisers
  • Marketing B2B and B2C
  • Potential for growth as Texas MedClinic expands in Austin

  • Cons:
  • Only marketing person in Austin
  • Leaning a lot of medical terminology, rules and processes
  • Managing accounts for employers which requires some customer service, which is not my forte
  • Recommendations


    Don't stress too much about your major. In the real world, a lot of people end up working in something other than what they studied. Most employers will place more importance on practical skills, personality then on your major. Also, remember no job is perfect and it's important to get experience which will lead you to the right job.

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