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For Parents

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The process of choosing a major looks different for everyone. Here are some ways to support your student as they explore their options at UT.

Ask questions and listen. Encourage your students’ exploration of new interests. Ask them about the classes and activities they are enjoying the most. Learn what is important to him or her. Sometimes it’s helpful to point out the skills and abilities that you’ve seen them demonstrate if they are feeling stuck.

Use Wayfinder to explore UT majors, minors, and certificates. The University of Texas at Austin offers a wide variety of undergraduate degrees, which span 13 colleges and schools and encompass more than 170 fields of study..

Stress the importance of experiential learning during college. Experiences like internships and volunteering are so important in today’s competitive job market. Not only do they help your student determine if their career idea is a good fit, they make your student more marketable to future employers. Encourage your student to learn more about their field of study with hands-on experience.

Encourage your student to visit Texas Career Engagement. Sometimes it can be helpful for students to talk to someone outside of the family. Texas Career Engagement offers career counseling and career assessments to all students at UT Austin. Career Counselors can help your student explore their interests, inform them about majors and careers, and point them to campus resources.


Your major does not always determine your career path. Many graduates pursue careers outside their field, depending on their interests and experiences.


It’s not just your major that matters! Make yourself marketable by gaining a variety of experiences in college. Read a few inspiring stories by professionals whose experiences led to great careers.

Contact a Texas Career Engagement career counselor today to find out how you can turn your major into a career.