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Take Classes in the Center for Integrated Design!

Center for Integrated Design (CID) offers 5-week and full semester courses in Design Thinking that are open to ALL students and majors. At the Center for Integrated Design, they believe that the methods and mindsets of Design can be integrated into any discipline to amplify solutions that are more creative[...]

Explore New Interests while Registering for Your First Semester!

Are you an incoming student who isn't quite sure which classes to take? Take a look at these classes that are great fits for first year students with no enforced pre-requisites, and think about how they could potentially expand your ideas about what you'd like to do in college! GSD[...]

Consider the Social Justice Internship Program through Liberal Arts!

Image description: A blue and orange flyer reads in white text: "Are you a student interested in a career in social justice work? Join the internship program in Jewish Studies and make an impact on our Austin community! The program offers an exceptional 13 week internship that will stand out[...]

Apply for Product Prodigy or WEILD Texas!

If you are interested in business and are a part of a community often pushed out of or underrepresented in business spaces, consider applying for Product Prodigy or WEILD Texas! Product Prodigy The Product Prodigy Institute is a two-semester program spanning Spring-Fall that takes students from marginalized and underrepresented backgrounds[...]

Intern this Fall with the Texas General Land Office!

Looking for a position this fall? Apply to be an intern with the Texas General Land Office! In this role, you would be assisting in the implementation of the Community Development & Revitalization Program. In essence, this program uses federal money to help individuals, families, and communities recover after a[...]

Join a Summer or Fall Class that Meets Flag Requirements!

If you are a continuing student looking for a class for the second half of the summer, or a continuing or incoming student looking for a class for the fall, consider a class that also meets a flag requirement! Here are some open classes that might help you find your[...]

Jackson School of Geosciences is Hiring Student Positions!

If you're looking for a job, consider one of the positions in the Jackson School of Geosciences! Below are the relevant details for applying: Basic information Multiple hourly student position(s) available. Start date: Immediately or August 2021; pending completion of background check End date: Through end of fall 2021, hope[...]

Still looking for a summer class? Consider a class in Anthropology!

If you're still looking for a class to take this summer, look no further! The Anthropology Department has not one, but two classes that they are looking for some more students in this summer! ANT f305 - Expressive Culture Expressive culture is a broad area of study. Since it is[...]

Gain Experience and Intern with LLILAS!

Image description: Blue, red and grey text on a yellow background reads "LLILAS Benson: Latin American Studies and Collections". Above are orange, red, blue and yellow lines going around four circles. If you are looking to gain some research and outreach experience, and potentially get paid, apply to one of[...]

Get Internship Funding from Texas Career Engagement!

Have you gotten the perfect internship, paid or unpaid, but are needing a little extra funding to make it happen? Then apply to the Internship Fund from Texas Career Engagement! The TCE Internship Fund is here to help reduce financial barriers to internship participation. Apply by June 3 for the[...]

Your major does not always determine your career path. Many graduates pursue careers outside their field, depending on their interests and experiences.


It’s not just your major that matters! Make yourself marketable by gaining a variety of experiences in college. Read a few inspiring stories by professionals whose experiences led to great careers.

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