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The field of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

Major Chemistry
Analytical. Creative. Independent.

Sound like you? These are just a few personality traits found in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), a career field that tackles some of the biggest challenges facing our society today.



team building, leadership, organization, planning, management, financial, communications, marketing, public speaking, making presentations, writing



consultant, small business owner, certified public accountant, chartered financial analyst, management (facilities, human resources, etc.), personnel recruitment, corporate trainer, financial analyst/planner, hospitality and tourism manager, account executive, public relations/advertising specialist, sales representative/executive, auditor, wholesale and retail buyer, insurance broker


Your major does not always determine your career path. Many graduates pursue careers outside their field, depending on their interests and experiences.


It’s not just your major that matters! Make yourself marketable by gaining a variety of experiences in college. Read a few inspiring stories by professionals whose experiences led to great careers.

Contact a Texas Career Engagement career counselor today to find out how you can turn your major into a career.

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of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math
Major Chemistry


Major in the College of Natural Sciences

A degree in chemistry is designed to prepare students for professional careers as chemists, either upon [...]
Major Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Major in the Cockrell School of Engineering

As a civil engineer, you might design roller coasters, highways, skyscrapers, railways, bridges, water reservoirs, or [...]
Major Computational Engineering

Computational Engineering

Major in the Cockrell School of Engineering

Computational engineers use computers and advanced computational methods and analysis to solve engineering problems. Their knowledge [...]
Major Computer Science

Computer Science

Major in the College of Natural Sciences

Required and elective courses offer a theoretical base of knowledge in a wide variety of [...]
Major Design2


Major in the College of Fine Arts

Design should always be about solving a problem and creating new processes, products and services for [...]
Major Electricaland Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Major in the Cockrell School of Engineering

As a computer engineer, you might work on robotics, computer networks, wireless communications, or biomedical devices [...]
Major Environmental Engr

Environmental Engineering

Major in the Cockrell School of Engineering

Environmental engineers are charged with decreasing the sphere of human influence so that the earth can [...]
Major Environmental Science

Environmental Science

Interdisciplinary Major

UT's environmental science major prepares graduates for a quantitative and interdisciplinary approach to examining ecosystems and [...]
Major Exercise Science

Exercise Science

Major in the College of Education

Exercise Science students will learn about all components of the human body including motor development, anatomy [...]
Major Finance


Major in the McCombs School of Business

This program offers students an opportunity to study the finance function in the business firm [...]
Major Geological Sciences

Geological Sciences

Major in the Jackson School of Geosciences

Geoscientists also draw upon discoveries from math, geography, archaeology, engineering and other sciences to meld an [...]
Major Geosystems Engineeringand Hydrogeology

Geosystems Engineering and Hydrogeology

Interdisciplinary Major

As a geosystems engineer you could address the world's most pressing energy, water resource, and environmental [...]
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