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Forensic Science

Certificate in the College of Natural Sciences

Certificate Forensic Science
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The Forensic Science certificate provides an interdisciplinary perspective for students interested in careers in forensic science.

The certificate is open to all undergraduate students at UT.

How to Declare


The forensic science certificate can compliment majors in any college. Once admitted to UT, you should inform your academic advisor anytime after New Student Orientation that you wish to pursue the forensic science certificate as part of your academic curriculum at UT Austin. Your academic advisor can then guide you on how to get started. An application for admission may be required. You can also review the certificate requirements and procedures on the certificate website.

For more information email the Certificate Advisor or visit during walk-in advising. Contact the front desk at 512-471-3796 or visit WCH 1.106.

Required Courses


The certificate degree plan consists of 18 hours of coursework including courses in anthropology, behavioral science, chemistry, criminalistics, and more. View the entire coursework list.

Students who seek employment in forensic laboratories upon graduating are encouraged to select biology and chemistry courses. Some of these courses may require introductory biology and chemistry courses as prerequisites.


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