Assistant Director of Development
Doug Duke
Employer: The University of Texas at Austin

Position description:
Solicit University friends, alumni, and donors for scholarship and endowment funds.

Photo: Doug Duke
How They Got There

Undergrad degree: 

Favorite class in college:  Plan II Tutorials

Changing majors:  n/a

Graduate degree:  MBA - Emory 1989

College to career:  The interdisciplinary coursework of the Plan II degree taught me to learn about, understand, and work with people of varied backgrounds and interests. In fundraising, I visit with donors from various academic and career backgrounds and ascertain the best way to connect them with the University.

Career influences:  Hobby: I volunteered on a couple of social agency non-profit boards and was intrigued by the agencies' fundraising operations. Fundraising is a great way to connect my relationship-building skills with my passion for higher education.

The Ups and Downs
Worst: juggling the interests of students, faculty, university administration, and donors. Best: Satisfaction of connecting a philanthropic graduate with a University CSU in need of funding and helping them realize the impact of their gift.

The most exciting learning on campus occurs outside the classroom. Too many alumni tell me that they wished they had learned that fact before graduating. Today, they continue to try and reconnect with the University, often in areas they didn't sample, try, or experiment while they were students. Take the plunge now. It's a great time to challenge yourself and discover life-long passions and interests.