Senior Systems Analyst
Glenda Sims
Employer: University of Texas at Austin

Position description:
Digital Alchemist - Team Leadership, Project Management, Usability, Accessibility, Web Standards, Mobile and Museum Technology Consulting.

Photo: Glenda Sims
How They Got There

Undergrad degree:  Management

Favorite class in college:  HR Intership Class with Dr. Joe Culver

Changing majors:  I started with a BA in Psychology. I added the second major of Management because it complimented Psychology and made me more marketable.

College to career:  I started as an interviewer in Human Resources (HR). I saw an opportunity to make employees in my office more productive by automating tasks that didn't really require our brains. So, I became a computer programmer to automate my job in HR.

Career influences:  My love of people and puzzle solving led me to become a web developer.

The Ups and Downs
Pros: Constantly changing/developing, challenging and interesting work (example: creating interactive programs for the Blanton museum).

Cons: I love my work so much (it often feels like play) that I forget to stop working. I need a little more balance.

The most important thing in finding your career is evolving until you have created a job that allows you to soar and make the world a better place. Each step you take is one step closer to that place. I don't think I ever would have imagined being so incredibly satisfied being a web geek. My majors of Psychology and Management were not an obvious path to where I am today. So, no matter what your major... you can be anything you dream of being.