Senior Software Developer
Rob Brooks
Employer: University of Texas at Austin

Position description:
I write web applications through various contracts with entities across the UT campus, so I work on multiple projects at one time and new projects are always starting. The various goals and content of each website keeps the work fresh.

How They Got There

Undergrad degree:  Computer Science

Favorite class in college:  Computer Graphics

Changing majors:  I switched from a computer related major to music theory and then back to computers.

College to career:  It was pretty much a direct path for me. I got a job a few months after graduating managing a computer lab

Career influences:  I became interested in computers when in high school as they related to computer games.

The Ups and Downs
The best thing about my job is that it provides new and interesting challenges almost every day. To me, the downside is that it requires spending large amounts of time inside, staring at a computer monitor.

Don't worry too much about the big picture at first. Your life will most likely take many turns that you can not possibly forsee, so go with your gut feeling early on as to what excites you.

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