Small Business Owner
Joah Spearman
Employer: Sneak Attack

Position description:
I work in retail, marketing, and social media impresario. I'm also a writer and will soon release a book, "Indisputable: A Fan's Guide to the Live Music Capital," during South by Southwest 2011. The book is a guide to live music in Austin.

Photo: Joah Spearman
How They Got There

Undergrad degree:  Public Relations

Favorite class in college:  History of Rock and Roll

Changing majors:  College of Communication.

College to career:  I interned a ton to gain experience, moved to D.C., moved back to Austin - then started a business. I previously worked as a consultant for the chariman of the International Olympic Committee and the commissioner of the Pac-10 Conference.

Career influences:  My mom, various multi-taskers, Ben Franklin, Jay-Z, etc.

The Ups and Downs
The best aspects of my position are the great people, lots of travel (for fun and work), and it is not mundane.

Travel abroad!

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