Instructor Navigator, Chief of Safety
Pedro Caetano
Employer: United States Air Force

Position description:
Navigation Instructor, Chief of Safety, C-130 Navigator. My responsibilities include the daily management and leadership of a flight of 30 students. I also provide instructions/management of training in multi-million dollar simulators and aircraft. I am involved in the process of instruction, evaluation, and grading of student performance. As a navigation instructor, I am specialized in small team dynamics in high pace, high pressure environments.

Photo: Pedro Caetano
How They Got There

Undergrad degree:  Computer Science

Favorite class in college:  Operating Systems, Statistics, Economics.

Changing majors:  I did not change my major during college, but I did pursue an MBA.

Graduate degree:  Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

College to career:  Worked in corporate world as a database administrator and senior programmer/analyst for 6 years before deciding to join the Air Force.

Career influences:  Love of flying; patriotism.

The Ups and Downs
You think you're boss is bossy? Travel to exotic destinations; a few, but mostly to the sandbox.

Should have joined the Air Force before staying a long time in the corporate world. It closed a few doors in the long run, but I'm happy to be in my current position.