Youth and Community Studies
Photo: Taryn Moore
Taryn Moore
Graduation: Spring 2013

Advice for undeclared students: Being in UGS helped me figure out what major I wanted to pursue. I would advise other UGS students to be patient and try out different classes.

Finding Your Major

Initial career dream: I actually thought I wanted to go into Mathematics Pre-Med.

Majors declared: Education-Early Childhood and Development, Education-Youth and Community Studies

The Highlights

Most rewarding class: CMS 315M, Interpersonal Relationships.

Best thing about your major: I get to learn and work hands-on with children and the community. It's very rewarding and encouraging.

Reality Check

Most surprising thing about your major: The most surprising thing about my major is when I meet other people in my major. Because you don't take the same classes with other specific youth and community studies students, I'm always excited to meet a few here or there in classes.

One roadbump: One road bump I had was that I had the mentality that my major defined me. Therefore, it was hard to choose one major because I was unsure of what I wanted to do after college. After talking with graduates and advisors, I realized that I had more options than I had thought and felt less pressure to choose one specific career.

Outside the Classroom

Clubs and organizations: Young Life, Austin Stone Community Church

Career interests: I'm planning on either interning at Austin Stone Community Church and working with high school students or taking a year off and going on the World Race. The World Race is a Christian mission program where you travel to 11 countries in 11 months and work in schools, orphanages, non-profit organizations, or churches.