Photo: Horacio Villarreal
Horacio Villarreal
Graduation: Spring 2014

Advice for undeclared students: The School of Undergraduate Studies was an amazing opportunity for me to test out a few fields of study that I considered for a possible major. My advice for UGS students is: do not stress! I recall being stressed because I didn't know what I wanted to do. UGS and our university as a whole do a fantastic job at assisting students along the way.

Finding Your Major

Initial career dream: Biology and pre-med.

Majors declared: Biology, Government, History

Turning point: I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, and speaking, so I wanted to find a major that encompassed all three of those characteristics. Being able to read and digest text, put it in writing, and ultimately speak to what I have learned is what I enjoy the most about my history and government coursework.

The Highlights

Most rewarding class: GOV 370K - Latino Politics taught by Jason Casellas

Best thing about your major: The opportunity to learn about history is so interesting, because we get to analyze exactly what and why something happened. Being able to learn and apply it to our present-day world is extremely valuable.

Reality Check

Most surprising thing about your major: The most surprising thing about my history major is the amount of history that I have covered - almost anything from European history to the history behind the integration of professional sports to Mexican-American history.

One roadbump: Deciding between medical school and law school early on. At a young age, it is easy to bounce around from idea to idea. I always knew that I wanted to help people in some facet, so deciding between embarking on two incredible opportunities was a tough decision.

Outside the Classroom

Clubs and organizations: I am involved in Student Government and Sigma Phi Epsilon. Both organizations have allowed me to develop skills that I did not know that I had and have introduced me to incredible students from across campus.

Internships and research: I have interned for the Texas House of Representatives and the Hotze Runkle Law Firm. I worked as a marketing associate for BranchOut and worked in governmental relations for UT's Office of the President.