Photo: MyHanh Ta
MyHanh Ta
Graduation: Spring 2013

Why Sociology?

In the end, I realized I want a career where I can help others, and my goal is to one day become a school counselor or adolescent therapist. I studied sociology because the discipline provides a global perspective and rich picture of how the social world works. Sociology provides knowledge and analytical skills needed to pursue a professional degree in law, business, education, health, and medicine, social work, or counseling.

Advice for undeclared students: My advice for undecided students is to use your time wisely and target your passions when choosing courses to take and organizations to partake in.

Finding Your Major

Initial career dream: At first, I was interested in majoring in biology and going the pre-dental route.

Influences: Being in UGS gave me the tools and resources to discover and understand what it is that I want to major in and do with my life. The one-on-one meetings with my academic advisor, David Spight, along with the diverse range of course I've taken at UT, developed my career interests. UGS helped pave the way to realizing my goals and dreams and helped me find what steps I should take.

The Highlights

Most rewarding class: In my sociology research course, I've been taught to think abstractly, formulate problems, ask appropriate questions, search for answers, analyze situations and data, organize material, write well,

Best thing about your major: The skills sociology students acquire prepare them for fields that involve investigative skills and working with diverse people.

Reality Check

Most surprising thing about your major: A sociology degree can open doors and lead one to many academic and career opportunities. I feel that there are really no limits to what a degree in sociology enables one to pursue in life.

One roadbump: The science classes I was taking for biology and pre-dental were very rigorous, and the more I studied, the more I hated school with a passion. I felt that all my effort wasn't enough, that I wasn't passionate about what I was studying, and my generally optimistic mood was gone. I realized that the biology major I was attempting was not what I truly wanted to do, and I was completely lost.

Outside the Classroom

Internships and research: I did the Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) program and my spring 2013 liberal arts internship with Austin Pregnancy Resource Center. At the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center I am their client advocate and intern. I counsel groups and individuals dealing with pregnancies, miscarriages, and new births. I manage Baby Boutique, which provides baby clothes, accessories, formula, diapers, and other necessities to families in need. Lastly I provided information and referral to community services—such as financial assistance, employment, medical assistance, educational opportunities, adoption services, job training, ongoing professional counseling, and legal aid.

Career interests: I want a career where I can help others. I plan to go back to school after two years of working in a non-profit or school setting to gain a graduate degree in social work or counseling.