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Through UTeach Urban Teachers, students learn how to work towards making a difference for a better world. UTUT is looking for smart, passionate, committed individuals to join their world-class faculty and talented classroom teachers to work towards re-imagining what it means to teach adolescents about literacy and democracy. The program leads to Texas teacher certification for secondary English Language Arts or Social Studies, and specifically focuses on recognizing and celebrating the diverse linguistic and cultural resources students bring into the classroom

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Only degree-seeking students enrolled at UT are eligible to apply for the UTeach Urban Teachers undergraduate certification program. Learn more about the undergraduate application process.


The UTeach Urban Teachers program offers concentrations in English Language Arts and Social Studies within the Department of Core Curriculum and Instruction.

Secondary English teacher certification is an 18 hour, three-semester sequence that begins in the summer before his or her senior year and is tailored for undergraduate students at UT working toward a bachelor's degree in English or other Humanities disciplines. Secondary Social Studies teacher certification requires the same sequence tailored for undergraduate students at UT working toward a bachelor's degree in history, geography, government, economics or other humanities disciplines. The program is designed to help English and Social Studies teacher candidates develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions to support teaching and learning in linguistically and culturally diverse urban settings.


UTeach Urban Teachers prepares English Language Arts and Social Studies educators to build upon the cultural and linguistic diversity of their future students and to work for a better, more just social world.

Students become excellent teachers for young people in any context, but pay special attention to youth who represent the American majority—those from low-income, racially and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Enthusiastic about becoming teachers
  • Desire to make a difference in a young persons life
  • Passionate about subject area
  • Enjoy working in a social environment
  • Lifelong learner
  • Organized and detail oriented