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The Undergraduate Real Estate Certificate Program (Texas URE) offers students the opportunity to enhance their primary degrees with a specialization in commercial real estate. Students looking to increase their industry knowledge and marketability to employers will have the opportunity to learn about real estate development, finance, investment and law and also explore the related disciplines of architecture, urban planning, engineering and economics. The program requires 18 semester hours of coursework, in addition to the prerequisites. It typically takes three long semesters to complete the certificate. Students who complete all required URE coursework will have the certificate appear on their official transcripts after graduation.

Declare This Certificate

Visit the program website for information on how to apply.

Students not yet eligible to apply for Texas URE should consider joining the Undergraduate Real Estate Society (URES), a student organization that partners with UT's Real Estate Finance & Investment Center (REFIC) to offer members access to real estate internships and job postings, events with industry employers, including tours of development projects, lunch & learns on campus, software trainings and company visits in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and NYC. URES members also gain access to the same online learning resources that Texas URE students have through CANVAS.

Prospective University of Texas at Austin students should visit UT Admissions to learn about the application process and how to declare a major.

Required Courses

The Texas URE program requires six distinct courses totaling 18 semester hours. The coursework synthesizes multiple disciplines to provide a comprehensive real estate education. Please visit the program website for information on prerequisites. View the Texas URE curriculum for a list of specific courses.


The purpose of the Texas URE program is to educate students about the many aspects of the commercial real estate business. Program students will undertake coursework in real estate development, finance, investment and law. Texas URE then allows its participants to explore industry-related disciplines through pre-approved, elective coursework in architecture, civil and architectural engineering, economics and urban studies. For additional information regarding application to the program, required coursework, and course registration, please see our FAQs.


The commercial real estate business is highly interpersonal, and therefore, advanced social skills play an important role in a real estate professional's career. In addition to strong verbal and written communication skills, professionals also need to be analytical, mathematically minded, inquisitive and determined.


The commercial real estate business requires frequent interaction with professionals from various disciplines, including but not limited to, architecture, engineering, finance, accounting, urban planning and law. Students who take the extra step of participating in this program will have an edge on their peers, because they will be more familiar with the language and concepts of the business, and will also be able to identify potential setbacks earlier in the project process.


Rachel Allen, Program Director
CBA 6.272
(512) 232.6842

Professor William Way, Program Advisor
GSB 5.176F
(512) 471.1869

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