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The Real Estate Certificate Program offers undergraduate students from across campus the opportunity to earn an officially recognized concentration in real estate from the McCombs School of Business.

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Full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students at The University of Texas at Austin are eligible to conditionally apply to the program upon achieving the following:

1) upper-division standing (60 credit hours), and
2) credit for or enrollment in ACC 310F, 311 or 311H

Applications are reviewed and responded to according to the following schedule.

Admission to the program is based on students' overall academic record, including, but not limited to, hours and number of courses taken in residence, demonstrated interest in real estate, and overall UT grade point average. Due to the rigorous nature of the coursework, a 3.0 GPA is recommended, but not required.

After acceptance, non-business students must request a waiver for FIN 357, the second prerequisite, prior to course registration.

Required Courses

In addition to 6 hours of prerequisites in accounting and finance, the certificate requires 18 hours of courses focusing on real estate finance and investment, and the related disciplines of architecture, economics, engineering, law and urban planning. View a specific list of certificate curriculum requirements.


All students with an interest in real estate are encouraged to become familiar with the Real Estate Finance & Investment Center (REFIC) at McCombs, and to join its student-led organization, the Undergraduate Real Estate Society. Membership provides access to REFIC's career development opportunities, including:

  • trips to real estate projects and firms in Dallas, Houston, New York and San Antonio
  • career development programs with industry professionals
  • exclusive real estate resume book, career EXPO and job board
  • mentor events with REFIC's Advisory Council members
  • discounted industry-specific software and real estate financial modeling training
  • subsidized student memberships to professional industry organizations
Getting a great real estate job upon graduation is as simple as getting involved on campus today. Don't be shy. Come meet us and explore with us! We like to have fun while helping you prepare for an exciting and rewarding career in real estate.


The commercial real estate business is highly interpersonal, and therefore, advanced social skills play an important role in a real estate professional's career. In addition to strong verbal and written communication skills, real estate professionals also need to be highly analytical, mathematically-minded, inquisitive and determined.


The commercial real estate business requires frequent interaction with professionals from various disciplines, including but not limited to, architecture, engineering, finance, accounting, urban planning and law. Students who take the extra step of completing the Real Estate Certificate Program will have an edge on their peers, because they will have a strong financial understanding of real estate investment and development decisions, and therefore be able to identify potential setbacks earlier in the project process.