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The Hindi Urdu Flagship (HUF) is a federally funded undergraduate language program that allows students to study Hindi and Urdu while pursuing a UT major of their choice. HUF is part of the Language Flagship, a national initiative funded by the Department of Education to create the next generation of global professionals.

HUF aims to produce students with a superior level of proficiency in Hindi and Urdu languages, offering a four- to five-year intensive program in which students take Hindi and Urdu language classes each semester alongside their major coursework. An essential component of the program is the Year in India, in which students study at a UT-affiliated study abroad program in India and complete an internship related to their professional interests.

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HUF admission is open to UT undergraduate freshmen; students who are interested in joining after the start of the fall semester of their freshmen year should contact the program for further information.

Applicants must submit a separate application through the HUF website. HUF applications are considered on a rolling basis. Students must be US citizens to be eligible.

Required Courses

Students take a Hindi/Urdu class each semester in addition to their major coursework. Students in the foundation year receive an additional hour of tutoring per week. View a complete list of course requirements.


HUF is a supportive environment in which students receive personalized attention from faculty and staff and enjoy the benefits of a small community of like-minded peers. HUF students are interested in developing a global outlook; they are highly motivated students with an enthusiasm for adventure and challenge. HUF welcomes students from a diverse array of backgrounds who specialize in a wide range of majors and programs at UT, including Public Health, Business, IRG, Linguistics, Pre-Med, Pre-Law, Biology, and much more.


Because of its emphasis on real-world language skills, graduates of HUF emerge from the program with professional fluency in Hindi and Urdu, able to talk about topics as varied as medicine, politics, culture, and more. During the Year in India, HUF students activate their language skills and develop valuable professional experience during their internship experiences. HUF graduates also receive prestigious certification from the national Language Flagship and are connected to a growing network of business, government and non-profit employers. Owing to their unique set of skills and international experience, HUF graduates go on to exciting international careers and prestigious post-graduate education.


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