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Urban Studies is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program that combines classroom studies with real-world experience in the Austin metropolitan area. If you are curious about how cities are physically put together, the history of urbanization, the conflict and creativity that pervades urban life, the economic factors that affect urban growth and development, or the political dynamics shaping urban governance, you will find a home for your interests in urban studies. The urban studies major is also a great way to launch a socially and environmentally relevant career. You will be introduced to methods and theories that support constructive solutions to pressing problems such as poverty and homelessness, racial segregation, pollution, and inefficient transportation.

Declare This Major

Current students who want to change their major to Urban Studies are required to attend an information session, meet with an Urban Studies advisor, and submit an Urban Studies application. For information session dates and advisor contact information, please visit the Declaring Urban Studies as an Undergraduate Major website.

Prospective University of Texas at Austin students should visit UT Admissions to learn about the application process and how to declare a major.

Required Courses

Visit the Urban Studies degree plan to view all required courses for the Urban Studies major in the College of Liberal Arts. View course descriptions of current Urban Studies courses.

What can I do with this major?

Wondering how you'd turn this major into a career? Remember: your major does not always determine your career path. Career counseling and assessments at the Vick Center can help you explore.

Major ≠ Career

Graduates with this major pursue many different careers, depending on their interests and experiences. Make yourself more marketable by complementing this major with part-time work, volunteering, internships, a certificate program, or graduate school.

Experience + Degree = Career

The Career Service Offices in your college can help you with internships and jobs. They work closely with employers to help students prepare for career opportunities. Read a few inspiring stories by professionals whose experiences led to great careers.


Urban Studies students are passionate, driven, and self-directed. To successfully complete the internship experience and the research project required, Urban Studies students need to be comfortable taking initiative.


  • Research and analysis
  • Excellent written skills
  • Self-inquiry and motivation
  • Ability to work in collaborative environments
  • Real world experience in an urban studies-related field
  • Ability to to articulate ideas and concepts to a wide range of audiences


Urban Studies
Undergraduate Academic Advisor: Thomas Fawcett
PAR 114
(512) 471.5736 (appointments)
BUR 436F

Director: Paul Adams, Associate Professor
GRG 414
(512) 232.1599