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Intended for students desiring to focus on one country or language, the B.A. degree in Asian Cultures and Languages is designed to provide competence in one Asian language, a deep and broad knowledge of the cultural and geographic area represented by that language, and familiarity with other regions of Asia.

Declare This Major

Current students who are interested in changing their major to Asian Cultures and Languages must schedule an appointment with an academic advisor in the Department of Asian Studies prior to officially adding or changing their major.

There is no formal application process. For more information, visit the student affairs page on how to declare a major.

Prospective University of Texas at Austin students should visit UT Admissions to learn about the application process and how to declare a major.

Required Courses

Visit the Asian Cultures and Languages degree plans to see all required courses for the Asian Cultures and Languages major in the College of Liberal Arts. For additional information, view major requirements and Asian Studies course descriptions.


The Department of Asian Studies offers several concentrations. Students majoring in Asian Cultures and Languages specialize in one of these languages.

  • Bengali
  • Chinese
  • Hindi
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Malayalam
  • Sanskrit
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Urdu

What can I do with this major?

Wondering how you'd turn this major into a career? Remember: your major does not always determine your career path. Career counseling and assessments at the Vick Center can help you explore.

Major ≠ Career

Graduates with this major pursue many different careers, depending on their interests and experiences. Make yourself more marketable by complementing this major with part-time work, volunteering, internships, a certificate program, or graduate school.

Experience + Degree = Career

The Career Service Offices in your college can help you with internships and jobs. They work closely with employers to help students prepare for career opportunities. Read a few inspiring stories by professionals whose experiences led to great careers.


A major in Asian Cultures and Languages prepares you for a broad range of career options. As part of a Liberal Arts education, you will learn to think critically and express your ideas clearly. The specific knowledge of Asian countries and languages qualifies you to work in international positions, including journalism, the travel industry, or non-profit organizations. Many students major in Asian Cultures and Languages or Asian Studies in preparation for law school or combine this major with science classes needed to pursue a career in the health professions. Training in Asian languages and studies proves invaluable for anyone planning to work on an international level.