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From its inception as a concentration to its present status as an integrative major, the Jewish Studies program has been designed to reflect the dynamic complexity of Jewish histories, literatures, populations, traditions, and transformations wherever they have existed. As a richly diversified field, Jewish Studies at UT Austin has embraced a wide range of interrelated studies including history, archaeology, languages, literature, textual analysis, ritual studies, sociology, art, and religious thought. This diversity of ideas and methods constructs natural bridges for students across the university to enter into dialogue with Jewish culture and, through such conversations, to reflect on their own disciplines or traditions.

The Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies promotes an academic understanding of Jewish culture, history, society, and religion through a multidisciplinary undergraduate curriculum for a broad and inclusive student audience. No prior familiarity is necessary. It brings students and faculty into contact with visiting researchers and to the breadth of Jewish Studies resources in the University of Texas at Austin's archives and libraries. In addition, it sponsors lectures, performances, and exhibits that advance understandings of Jewish life and culture.

Declare This Major

Undergraduates currently enrolled at UT who wish to declare an Jewish studies major must first meet with a Jewish studies advisor. There is no formal application process. For more information, visit the student affairs page on how to declare a major.

Prospective University of Texas at Austin students should visit UT Admissions to learn about the application process and how to declare a major.

Required Courses

Visit the Jewish Studies degree plan to see all required courses for the Jewish Studies major in the College of Liberal Arts. For additional information, view major requirements and Jewish Studies course descriptions.


Jewish Studies does not have specializations, but there are many aspects of the field that students can explore in more depth.

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Jewish studies majors are interested in exploring the significance of one of the world's oldest cultures. They are fascinated by Jewish religion, history, and culture in Israel, the Americas, and the world. Students are interested in research, critical-thinking, and travel.


Jewish Studies majors, like all Liberal Arts students, are trained to think critically, express themselves cogently, and to research thoroughly and diligently. Jewish Studies gives students the opportunity to participate in an honors program and prepare for graduate school, for the working world, and for any career in which the ability to deal with complex problems and situations is prized. The Schusterman Center also supports undergraduate research and study abroad in a growing list of select programs.