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UTeach Liberal Arts is a professional middle and high school teacher preparation program for The University of Texas at Austin undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students planning to teach English, languages other than English, or social studies. Our four-semester program aims to transform secondary school teacher certification from the ground up with a balanced practical and theoretical approach to teacher preparation.

UTeach Liberal Arts students benefit from an innovative program emphasizing the UTeach LA philosophy of practical, hands-on field experience in public schools classrooms throughout the length of the program. Students take advantage of intensive coursework and field experiences in local area schools that provide an excellent first-hand glimpse into the world of teaching.

UTeach Liberal Arts provides a supportive environment for students to build professional networks through cohort groups and faculty interaction. Personal attention and guidance of UT faculty, many of whom are highly experienced master teachers recruited from public secondary schools, prepare students for a career in the classroom.

Declare This Major

Applications for current UT undergraduates are online at the UTeach Liberal Arts website.

Admissions requirements for current UT students:

  • The UTeach Liberal Arts undergraduate program requires at least a four long-semester commitment.
  • The program is open to current UT Austin undergraduates and incoming transfer students.
  • Students are eligible to enter the program second semester freshman year through senior year.
  • Admission to UTeach Liberal Arts requires a minimum overall UT GPA of 2.5.

You must declare your a major that matches your certification field. Example: declare an English major to match an English teaching certificate.

Prospective University of Texas at Austin students should visit to learn about the application process and how to declare a major.

Required Courses

The program has 18 hours of required pedagogy courses sequenced over a four long semester time frame. There are also required developmental and content area courses. Please visit our website to learn more about our required coursework.


UTeach Liberal Arts offers certifications for middle school and high school in the following fields: English, social studies/history and languages other than English.

What can I do with this major?

Wondering how you'd turn this major into a career? Remember: your major does not always determine your career path. Career counseling and assessments at the Vick Center can help you explore.

Major ≠ Career

Graduates with this major pursue many different careers, depending on their interests and experiences. Make yourself more marketable by complementing this major with part-time work, volunteering, internships, a certificate program, or graduate school.

Experience + Degree = Career

The Career Service Offices in your college can help you with internships and jobs. They work closely with employers to help students prepare for career opportunities. Read a few inspiring stories by professionals whose experiences led to great careers.


UTeach students are passionate about empowering students through education. A passion for your subject area is important and many of our students excel within their major. UTeach students also have a desire to teach that subject area to others. The ability to work in a social environment is key to becoming a successful teacher. UTeach students are organized and detail oriented about their coursework. UTeach students are lifelong learners and they have varied interests in terms of teaching. Many students begin the program because they had a positive experience tutoring or mentoring students. Many students also had a positive experience with one of their teachers and they want to do the same for others. UTeach does an excellent job of helping students that are unsure if they fit into teaching figure out the process.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Enthusiastic about becoming teachers
  • Desire to make a difference in a young persons life
  • Passionate about subject area
  • Enjoy working in a social environment
  • Lifelong learner
  • Organized and detail oriented