Below is a list of activities to help you learn more about yourself, which is really important when figuring out the major that will be best for you.

The activities are pdf files that you can download, print, fill out, and then discuss with an academic advisor. The advisor could be:
Why am I undecided?

Download PDF
This activity helps you figure out the reasons for why you are undecided about your major and/or career. You will also learn just how undecided you are. This is a great way to start the exploration process, both for yourself and as you work with an advisor.

What am I interested in?

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Maybe you feel like you don't know what you're interested in, maybe you haven't thought about it much, or maybe you feel like you have too many! Regardless, this activity gives you a chance to put onto paper some of the things in which you have an interest. This will be especially helpful when it's time to combine what you've learned about yourself with what you learn about majors and careers.